Therap Services is hiring a Research Associate to support our leading-edge efforts to create and integrate technologies that perform automated acquisition, storage, and analysis of human biometric data such as heart and breathing rate, blood pressure and oxygenation, sleep and exercise metrics, and real-time detection of adverse health events such as falls.


Job responsibilities of the Research Associate are to:


(1) Monitor and document the progress of relevant research and development projects internal to the company

(2) Survey the Internet and publicly available marketing materials for relevant new and future-planned product technologies offered by other companies

(3) Develop a broad understanding of the research in this area by reading and summarizing relevant articles in key journals

(4) Author a technology survey document summarizing all external technologies; update this document on a weekly basis

(5) Create a database of relevant products with fields defined by company management; update this database as new information is obtained

(6) Share information on a weekly basis with the Therap Industry Representative that speaks directly with representatives from relevant technology companies

(7) Report progress to management on a weekly Zoom call


Education: Bachelor’s degree required; Masters preferred in a relevant discipline, e.g., Electrical Engineering or Computer Science.


Skills: User level experience with databases, spreadsheets, document editing software, Internet search engines and tools (e.g., Google Alerts, Google Scholar, Google Patents, etc.); familiarity with machine learning and Internet-of-things technology.


Therap Services is a telework company; nearly all work will be performed by the candidate at his or her home. Company meetings are frequent and conducted via Zoom and Google Meet. The candidate must therefore be a self-starter and highly internally motivated to ensure that all information is collected and reported on a timely basis.

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Publish date: 26 Apr 2021

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