is one of the largest platform working on Bangladeshi job network as job portal. we connect employer who are looking for best candidate for their company or team and employee who are looking for best fittest job for their career. we are complete platform for leading job portal in Bangladesh. you can find awesome tools to start to end your journey with us. as an employer you will have best choice for job posting and hire management, company management, notifications and best method for finding better people for your job posting. also as an job seeker you will have very useful option to apply jobs and follow company for new job posting notifications, and manage CV/Resumes in same place.

Employer Benefits:

  • Free job posting
  • Employee hiring management.
  • Job application management.
  • Awesome company page.
  • Location based job posting.

Employee Benefits:

  • Free job apply.
  • Search and filter job with different inputs.
  • Different ready method for job apply.
  • Multiple resume based on different skill.
  • Alert for new jobs for your filtering.